Acquisition Opportunity!!!

Opportunity to acquire the Construction Loan One name (name only) which has tremendous name recognition!!! Many iconic companies have incorporated the ONE as part of their company name providing instant recognition in a competitive world. There are thousands but here are just a few:

  • Real Estate One
  • Title One
  • Bank One
  • Credit Union One
  • Capital One
  • Credit One Bank
  • Level One Bank
  • Citizens One Bank
  • Citizens One Insurance
  • Mortgage One
  • Source One Mortgage
  • Cellular One
  • Media One
  • Medical One
  • Surgery One
  • Network One

Construction Loan One provided residential construction financing to thousands of borrowers in Michigan over a number of years. The company’s headquarters were located in Ann Arbor. In 2016, the Construction Loan One partners retired. All assets were sold and all liabilities paid.

At this time (2019), the partners are offering the following for acquisition: company name, domain name, phone number, etc.

If you are interested in getting additional information, please contact Jeff Drury at 248-444-7575 or

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